Here is how to Skip The Hardest Step Involved In Creating Your Own Product And Setting Up Your Own Online Business And Focus On What You Actually Want To Do…Selling Products And Making Money!

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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

I’m sure you have heard it before: “you must have your own product in order to make any real money on the internet”

All the biggest names in marketing sell their own products, and in those products they teach the importance of having your own product! And it’s true, having your own product is great. It gives you the flexibility to make money a lot of different ways…

When it comes to making money with your own product, the possibilities are endless! Of course, the easiest and most profitable way to make money with your own product is to simply sell it on it's own mini site. But it doesn’t have to stop there ;-)

"But There Is A Problem"  

Developing your own product takes weeks if not months of research plus a lot of effort, dedication, money and time. And that’s just the beginning!

Because once you are done creating your own product, you will than need to hire a copy writer to write your sales letter ($1,500 and up) and hire a graphic designer to create your mini site ($150 - $400)…and after you do all that you will have one product of your own, just one. And that’s before you even start selling the product and see any profits from it!

Or if you don’t want to create your own product, you can do what the big names in internet marketing do: hire a programmer. But that is very expensive. You are looking at thousands of dollars for just one product and that is before you even hire a copy writer and graphic designer!

"So What's The Solution?"

It’s really quite simple…all you have to do is simply skip that whole time consuming, back breaking and expensive step of actually developing your own product. So you can start making money right away instead of just thinking about it while breaking your back trying to create a product yourself.

And that is exactly what this letter is all about!

Because I’m not going to teach you about all the different ways you can create your own products, I’m actually going to…

“Give You Private Label Rights To An Already Made Highly Profitable, Hot Product…Complete With A Professionally Written Sales Letter And Professionally Designed Graphics!”

That’s right! You are about to get your hands on a highly profitable, turn key online business that you can stick your name on and do almost anything you want to, just as if you had created this product yourself!

Once you get your hands on this HOT and highly profitable product, you will be able to…

Sell this amazing product almost instantly on it's own mini site. This product comes with its own professionally written sales letter, graphics, complete sales page and download page. All you have to do is add your own payment link and upload this instant online business to your web server and you’re ready to go!  

Change the product in any way you like! This product comes with all of the source files. So you can start selling it as is, or you can modify the source code and create a truly unique product before you start selling. 

Put your name on the product as if you were the creator.  Finally, you can have your very own product with your name on it instead of someone else's.

Change the sales letter in any way you want. If you want to ad your own touch to the sales letter this product comes with…you can!

Start your own affiliate program and do Joint Ventures with other internet marketers! Doing JVs and having affiliates promote your products is how the biggest names in internet marketing make most of their money.

And do pretty much anything else you could do if you had created this product yourself!

Ok, now I know you're dying to meet this "product" I keep talking about, so...

Here Is Exactly What You’ll Get:

Your New Online Business 

Tired of All the Time It Takes You to Post to Your Blog?  

Discover the Amazing New Software Program That Automates the Entire Process!


 Dear friend, 

One of the biggest problems facing bloggers today is finding the time to regularly post to their blogs. 

In fact, this is probably the main reason people give up blogging all together. They simply grow tired of having to slog through the entire time-wasting, blog-posting process time after time after time. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way … not any longer … thanks to a new software program that automates the entire process and makes posting to a blog as easy as clicking a mouse! 

IF You Have Abandoned Your Blog or Are Considering Abandoning It Because of the Time it Takes To

Update it ... Blog AutoPoster is for You!


If you have grown tired of manually posting to your blog, you should know two things: 

1)  You are not alone
2)  And you’ve definitely come to the right place! 

One of the first things most bloggers realize is that keeping their blogs fresh with new content can be quite a chore. 

But imagine for a moment that you had a loyal assistant, a helper who’s sole job was to make sure that your blogs were regularly updated. In fact, this assistant was so loyal that he or she always updates your blogs at precisely the times you indicate. 

  • Imagine how having an assistant like that could free you up to concentrate on other important matters like growing your business. 
  • Imagine how much less stress and frustration you would feel as a result of having that assistant.

Well, Now You Can Stop Imagining Because the Blog AutoPoster Software Program is That Assistant! 

Get Blog AutoPoster and you will be able to sit back and relax, knowing that your blog is constantly being updated with fresh new content. 

Here are more features and benefits of having this program in your business arsenal: 

  • Enables you to post to a blog automatically by using a fully controlled admin panel that includes such features as add/edit category, articles, email settings, Google and top/bottom post setting!
  • Allows you to quickly and easily add/edit/delete categories and articles!
  • Facilitates adding a large number of articles stored in a text file all at one time!
  • Provides you with a way to easily search/sort categories and articles!
  • Contains an 'Email Settings' section that helps you store emails for sending blogs to blogger, LiveJournal,    MovabalType, MSNSpaces and TypePad while also helping you store settings for WordPress!
  • Through its 'Post Settings' feature, allows you to specify blog post settings:
    • On a particular date
    • After specific interval, such as after every two hours/days/months
    • After every specific interval from today
    • On a particular date after every specific hour/minute/second


  • Boasts customized top/bottom settings that can be specified for a particular post!  
  • Contains Google AdSense Code that can also be added as top/bottom settings.
  • Gives the status of the post such as whether the posting is completed/not completed/started through its ‘Managing Post Settings’ feature!
  • Exports to a text file articles posted on a particular date or on a particular blogger!

  • And much, much more!

Blog AutoPoster Makes Earning Money With Blogs Easier Than It’s Ever Been Before!


What’s not to love about blogs? 

  • They are easy to drive traffic to
  • They can be free to create
  • They can be set up in a just few minutes
  • They can be great profit generators thanks to Google AdSense or other Pay Per Click programs 

They key to making money with blogs, as sooner or later every blogger finds out, is updating them regularly. 

Visitors crave fresh information – fail to provide it to them and they may grow frustrated and never return to your site.  

However, provide it to them through regular blog updates and chances are good that they will visit often and click on your links frequently as well, driving extra business to your shopping cart! 

Blog Auto Poster makes it easy for you to give your readers what they want most – regular updates.  

Use it and watch your traffic – and profits – explode! 

Regular Blog Posts Will Also Increase Your Search Engine Rankings! 

Just like visitors, search engines also crave fresh content, so the more frequently you update your blog, the more frequently the search engine spiders will visit you. 

You see, when a spider notices that you post new content regularly, it will schedule your site for more frequent updates or visits. 

And any links placed on your blog will be spidered quickly as well! 

So What Are You Waiting For?

 Get the Tool That Will Help Explode Your Blog Earnings!


Here's a list of this software's features and benefits again:

1.) Able to post the blog automatically by using fully controlled admin panel such as add/edit category, articles,   email settings, google or top/bottom post setting
2.) User can add/edit/delete categories and articles.
3.) It also facilitates adding large number of articles stored in a text file at a time.
4.) Easy search/sort categories and articles.
5.) 'Email Settings' section helps the user to store emails for sending the blogs to blogger, LiveJournal,    MovabalType, MSNSpaces and TypePad and settings for WordPress.
6.) Using 'Post Settings', user can specify blog post settings
         a) on a particular date
         b) After specific interval such as after every 2 hrs/days/months
         c) Post after every specific interval from today
         d) On a particular date after every specific hrs/min/sec.
7.)   Customized Top/Bottom Setting settings can be specified for a particular post

8.) Google Adsense Code can also be added as top/bottom settings.

9.) managing post settings gives the status of the post such as whether the posting is completed/not completed/started.

10.) The articles posted on a particular date or on a particular blogger can be exported to a text file.


As you can see this is a high quality product, targeted at a hot niche - so you won't have any problems finding eager to buy visitors to visit your website!   

And the best part is…

You Get Private Label Rights To This Amazing Product!

So YOU CAN sign your name as the creator, edit the product in any way you like, sell resell rights and pretty much anything else you want to do with this HOT and in demand product.

But you get A LOT more than just Private Label Rights. That’s why I like to call this product a complete, ready to go business you can stick your name on…

Here Is Exactly What "Blog AutoPoster" Comes With:

This Product comes with all the source files. So you can either 1) start selling this great info product as soon as you get your hands on it, or 2) modify it in any way you like (change the title, ad text, remove text, put your own affiliate links in it, put your name in it, etc.), and then sell it.

Professionally written sales letter that lists all of the benefits and reasons to buy this great product (You can change this sales letter just as easy as you can the product it selves, and in any way you like)

Professionally designed graphics (eCover for the main product plus header, order button and complete mini site design)  

Fully put-together and complete sales page so you don’t have to do anything except upload this sales page to your server, stick your name on the product and start making money…It can’t get any easier than that!

Hands free automatic Thank You / Download page that your customers can simply be forwarded to right after they make their payments - so you don’t have to constantly send download info to your customers.

How Much Is All This Worth?

Well, even if the Private Label Rights to "Blog AutoPoster" were sold for $997 it would still be an amazing bargain... I know, that would seem like a lot but when you consider the costs involved in having a high quality product developed for you:

Professional Programmer: $1,000 and up

Professionally Written Sales Letter: $1,500 and up

Professionally Designed Graphics: $200

You would be looking at a minimum of $2,700! And that's why if the Private Label Rights to this product were being sold for $997 this would still be an amazing deal.

But don't worry, I'm not going to charge you $997. I'm not even going to charge you half of that! You get the Private Label Rights to this product and everything else that comes along with it for...

ONLY $97.00 $37.00
With Private Label Rights!

So, if you truly want to instantly have your own profitable online business you can stick your name on and treat as your own. And you want to completely skip the hardest, most expensive and time consuming part of creating your own product…its best you order now, while this incredible offer is still available and the price is low.

Click The Link Below To Get This Package
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Refund Policy: There is NO refund policy attached due to the nature of this offer.

When you gain access to this Private Label product with "no restrictions", you have virtually unlimited possibilities of doing anything (or nothing) with it.

Having said that, I won't have any idea as to what you will do next.

So if you perceive this offer as risky because of the "no refund" policy or don't have any solid plans with the products, I would kindly advise you NOT to purchase this package.

But if you're serious about your Internet Marketing business and have solid plans on using this product, then I urge you to act upon this offer right now!

Note: We do NOT offer installation of the script on your server, the script is proven to work very well after a successful installation, if you don't know how to install scripts you will have to hire someone who does..., Inc. is an authorized retailer of goods and services provided by

Order Now For Only $97.00 $37.00
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To Your Success,

Grid Marketing


PS: It has never been easier to have your very own ready-to-go, fully customizable, hot and profitable online business! Your Private Label Resale Rights Package comes complete with a sales letter, graphics and fully complete sales and download page! So all you have to do is upload this sale page to your web server, stick your name on the product and start selling!