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Date:  December 2005
From: David Zohar

RE: 101 INSTANT Chaser Letters

Dear Entrepreneur,

I know you're a busy person, so I'll get straight to the point.:

I want to ask you a stupid question:

What separates successful online marketers from the also rans?

Yes, your answer is right. Effective follow up. Otherwise known as email marketing with sequential autoresponders.

Follow up is the most important thing in online marketing. Statistics say that it takes at least 5 times for a potential customer to see your advertisement before they act on it, so it is a very rare occassion that a prospect buy your products on the first visit You must follow up or perish!

Autoresponders can make you money if you have quality information to give your prospects. This is always one of the "biggest problems for marketers". You know you need to use autoresponders but what's your "response" going to be?

Very few sales happen on the first point of contact.  You have to follow up.  You need to build rapport with your prospects, and instil confidence.  They need to be persuaded they are making the right decision.  This can take several follow up letters or emails. 

60% of sales can be lost because the TIMING wasn't right for the prospect, or they were simply not followed up.   Youˇ'd be amazed by the number of people who fail to follow up a prospect simply because they said "NO" the first time they were asked.

Your ability to follow up prospects and enquiries is pivotal to your success in ANY business.

Remember the rule - follow up, follow up, follow up.

Now  save time & money with your 101 INSTANT CHASER EMAILS You would be right to think it can cost you time and profit to generate "perfect copy". 


I've hired a $500 per hour Marketing Consultant to give me one-to-one help in  creating powerful, professional CHASERS for YOU to use as soon as you realize you've got a bite.

You might think I'm crazy for doing this on your behalf, but I just call it intelligent marketing. Want to see an example?


SUBJECT: You visited my site.

Hi John

When I said I'd offer real help & support - I meant it.

If 'money or PRICE', was an issue in preventing you from signing up to ************, then email me, and I'll send you more details about a very special discount.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and it all starts by taking the decision to get in touch.

"Richard Mathers was so excited when he told me about your site - now I see why!" 
- Dr. David Appleby

"For the first time in 18 months, I actually feel I'm providing a real service to real people. The potential is enormous. It is truly fantastic." 
- Andrew Brown, Graphic Designer

I'm sure you must have some questions. If so, phone me on XXX XXXX XXXX or email them to me.

Whatever you decide, please don't sign up until you've considered our guarantee and gotten any remaining questions answered.

Either email me your questions, or call me on xxx xxxx xxxx

P.S. Let's recap. You requested information about *************. I've given you the information. It's time to make a decision. So get in touch.

Remember you can always call me on xxx xxxx xxxx

The next example will really convince you...

SUBJECT: short follow up.

Hi John

Just a courteousy email to follow up, and see if I can answer any questions about the Instant Chaser Emails.

Instant Chaser Emails works. It definitely works.

If 'money', was an issue stopping you from signing up to Instant Chaser Emails, then let me tell you about our special discount offer.

I'd hate for the PRICE to be a barrier, and prevent you from benefiting from the course. Look what others say:

"The excellent materials have exceeded my expectations, and I am so glad I decided use your product" - Barbara Bennett

"This might sound strange but it's actually tripled my response rate. Also I would call this deal more meat and potatoes...a real deal, not just hype.. .Some will fail some will succeed but not no one succeeds without failure...this is great for expanding the horizons!" - Duke Martin

Let me try and answer any questions you might have at this stage.

I can't stress it enough, if you need help - CALL ME. 


P.S. John, It's time to make a decision. Do you want me to help you or not. If so, then email me back.

Remember you can always call me on xxx xxxx xxxx

The objective of the chaser, is for them to contact you again. 

Best of all THEY WORK.

You can use any of the 101 chaser emails to follow up your prospect, lead or enquiry - simply use one every 3/5 days after the first sign of interest...

NO MORE hassles in designing and writing your own training program . NO MORE hassles in follow up your subscribers. All the hard work has been done for you. Now it's your turn to build credibilty and relationship with your prospects. They will be happy to become your loyal customers.

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Yours sincerely,

David Zohar

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P.S. Remember, all the follow up emails have been optimized for maximum response and are designed for sending to people who have responded to a subscribe form, ad, mail shot, telephone call or email and are now on your list. You must always follow up your prospects, again and again. This is very important.

P.P.S. Start follow up your prospects right now before they become someone else's. Why should wait for another year because they can become your lifetime customers if you act now!