Here Is How To Start Your Own Profitable Image, File and Document Hosting and Sharing Profitable Membership.

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Now You Can Build An Online Image And File Hosting Membership Service.

People can Store, Back-up and Share Images, Files and Documents with their co-workers, friends and family with any web browser

Dear Friend,

People all over the world are finding it convenient to share files online. Its not as easy to share with so many people via email though. You have to upload each file and mail out to each person wasting time.. Why not cut out all that and send only one link that anyone can use to find your files easily? 

File Sharing Is The Answer!

Thanks to file sharing, anyone can upload images, documents or any sort of file and share it with friends, family or with co-workers. Where can they share there files? Why not with the Image and File Hosting Service that you provide for them? 


Try this new web based image and file storage system. Your customers can upload, download and manage files and images by using their web browser. They can access their files from any Internet accessible computer, anywhere, anytime! Now you can own your own image and file storage system that is easy to use and makes you money.

What can this script be used for?
    Start your own Image and file hosting site

    Fast and easy image and file uploading.

    Edit file names and descriptions.

    Short and simple image and file URLs.

    Edit and delete the images and files you have uploaded.

    Create and share picture galleries.

    Create downloadable URLs for digital files.

Needs This Service?

Professionals, office workers, individuals, entrepreneurs, business people, marketers, digital product sellers, small business owners, families... everyone you can think of! They can store office documents, images, music videos, mp3's, songs, computer games, computer software, cell phone ring tones, digital camera photos and albums. All of these people with these needs are your potential customers

People Use Hosted Images/Photos and Files for:
    Ebay auctions and other auction sites

    Adding images to your forum posts

    Images for your blog (Blog Photo Hosting)

    Create photo albums and share with family and friends or with work colleagues

    Personal online photo galleries images for your MySpace account

    Different formatted files can be uploaded like ZIP, EXE, PDF, music and videos

    Store backup copies of important files and documents off-site

    Backup your laptop while traveling

    Access your files from anywhere in the world

Give your customers what they need. Provide them with an easy to use image and file sharing system.

Two Memberships For Customers

Your customers can choose between a free membership or a pro membership. The system automatically takes care of the purchase of a pro membership for you. You can sleep, go on vacation or work on another project. The image and file hosting program will continue to make money for you. Memberships are purchased through PayPal. You will instantly be paid for every customer who signs up for your file sharing system.

What is the system like?

Admin Area

Within the secure admin area, you will have full control of the following functions:

  • Manually create, delete, upgrade downgrade members accounts
  • Decide how much space to allow free members or pro members
  • Configure how much to charge the pro members' monthly membership fee
  • Contact all members via email
  • See and delete images and files from admin area
  • Edit site pages from admin area

Make MORE Money With Google Adsense Code Intergration

Thanks to the innovative features included with this software, you can also integrate Google Adsense onto every page. Free members will have your advertising on their file pages. 

System Requirements:
Linux or Unix Server
Php 4 or higher
MySQL 4 or higher
GD Library

Realtime Upload Progress Bar Screenshot:

This script is very easy to install. Start making money today!

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