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From: David Zohar

Dear Friend,

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You see, When I started marketing affiliate products I made all the mistakes (just like you will or have too). Unless you continue reading.

I would go to Clickbank or Commission Junction and find a really good product for my niche and then I would sign up as an affiliate and get that UGLY URL.

And then comes the BIG MISTAKE everyone makes...

You send out an email to your list or you create this great webpage and what do you do you paste that UGLY URL into your work.

I did it and I'm sure you have too...

When you do this it's like wearing a big brand that says this is not my product.

The Solution:    Link Shrinker!     

Link Shrinker will take your UGLY URL Like:

and it will create a professional looking simple URL that is personalized with your own domain and cloak the UGLY URL to:



This is the secret that all the big marketers use today.

Link Shrinker installs in less than 5 minutes and you can be creating professional affiliate links in just minutes after installation.


 Link Shrinker Features/Benefits
Redirects and Cloaks Affiliate or Long URL's.
Tick Changes long URL's into short ones.  
Tick URL's contain your domain name.
Tick Simple Administration Panel.
Tick Keeps Track of your Clicks.
Tick Stores Information about the Affiliate or URL site.
Tick Creates Search Engine Friendly URL's.  
Tick Runs on your own server.  
Tick Easy Installation (6 simple steps).  

System requirements:

Linux/Unix server, PHP, MySQL, ability to set permissions to 777 (read/write/execute) and ability to add custom .htaccess files.

As you can see Link Shrinker will simplify your URL's and make your customers think that it comes from your own website.

Let's look at what you'll be getting with the Link Shrinker today...

By now, I hope you see the value of this program, and how it can streamline your business, skyrocket your opt-in's and boost your sales.

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David Zohar

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