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David Zohar

Dear Friend,

You've no doubt seen the content site craze on the Internet.

Everyone wants to get a piece of the Google Adsense pie through building content rich sites that get visitors from search engines and produce click-throughs to Adsense ads.

Some smart marketers are getting checks over $100,000 a month!

But how can you create content sites like theirs that have hundreds or thousands of unique content pages?

Until now, you would have to hire employee's to make that happen but I'm going to give you a revolutionary piece of software that will...

Replace An Entire Workforce Of High Paid Web Designers & Do All Of The Hard Work For You At The Click Of Just One Button!

Until now, you needed to have each article or piece of content for your website hand coded to read correctly by the search engines and your websites visitors.

You had to make sure that the title tag was correct.

You also needed to have the pages linked together in a strategic fashion so that the search engine spiders could properly go through your site and index it.

These things can really be complicated when you factor in hundreds of pages that need to be created and optimized!

But with Private Label Article Site Builder...

It's As Easy As Pie To Put A Content Rich Site Together!

The dream of Google Adsense income sounds great doesn't it? You put together a huge content rich site, get it indexed in the search engines and then collect Adsense checks from visitors clicking Google ads.

That's a great way to make money.

But you don't have time to spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours creating huge portal websites and don't want to spend thousands of dollars hiring people to create the sites for you.

That's where Private Label Article Site Builder will save your wallet and time forever!

Here's just some of what Private Label Article Site Builder has to offer you...

  • Dead Easy Interface- This isn't some complicated software that takes weeks or months to learn. You'll be building your first site just minutes after opening it!
  • Takes Articles From Text Files And Does All The Work- Private Label Article Site Builder will take all of your text articles in text format and automatically take them out of it and create beautiful web pages with them!
  • Automatically Inserts Page Title That's Unique- This amazing software also automatically takes the title of your article and puts it in the title of the webpage it creates for automatic Search Engine Optimization!


  • You Fill In A Few Blanks, That's It- Simply fill in a few short fields, select where your articles are located and click a button and out pops a well designed content portal in seconds!
  • Easy To Customize- With a few easy changes you can add your Adsense code, an e-mail sign-up form, affiliate links, links to your websites, products and anything else your heart desires!
  • This Thing Moves Like Lightning! - This software will pop out your fully functional, ready to be visited content portal in seconds! Even if it's thousands of pages!

  • Strategically Links Your Whole Site Together! - Private Label Article Site Builder will automatically link all of your pages together in a smooth, effective way. This will get your whole site spidered and indexed super fast. You can event choose how many links you want on each article page!


The power of Private Label Article Site Builder is far greater than anything you've ever been exposed to on the Internet.

There are tens of thousands of pieces of private label content all over the Internet and 99% of it isn't being used because the people who buy it are too lazy to design content portals with it!

This is a great advantage for you!

You can take any content that you currently have, go get articles from article directories, or grab some dirt cheap private label content and pop it into this amazing tool for an instant Adsense income producer!

How much easier could it get?

It Just Doesn't Get Any Easier For You, Period!

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