Who Else Wants A Fully Automated Split Pay System That Pays Your JV Partners FIRST?

If you are REALLY serious about wanting to double, triple or even quadruple your sales and the number of Affiliates promoting your Product or service...

Then continue reading...

"Finally Releases Secret Weapon Used To Churn Out Obscene Incomes For Your Affiliates and JV Partners Like An Erupting Volcano Of Red Hot Hundred Dollar Bills."

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Re: Fully Automated Profit Splitter System That Pays Your JV Partners and Affiliates FIRST?

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you want to double, triple or even quadruple your sales and the number of Affiliates promoting your Product or service...

Then you have to feed thier WIIFM?

"What's In It for Me!"

It's no longer good enough to have the best widget in your Niche Market.

It's not good enough to pay 25% commission and make your Affiliates wait until the 15th of the following month to receive payment.

If you intend attracting Super Affiliates and or even getting a prospective JV Partner to look at promoting your product or service you have to GIVE them a reason why they should bother.

And that reason can be summed up in two simple words that will attract Super Affiliates and JV Partners to your product like bee's to honey.


Of course the quality of your product and the uniqueness and demand for your widget also has to measure up...

BUT, if you are only offering peanuts then you'll only get monkeys and NOT the organ grinder!

I have to be blunt and say that I always look at what I am being offered in commissions first. Then I look at the product and last of all I look at whether it fits in with what I am currently marketing to my list.

It all boils down to WIIFM, the support offered,
the integrity of the seller and whether
the product is in hot demand.

Profit Splitter handles the immediate WIIFM as in the Immediate Gratification of getting paid first but that's not all.

Continue reading to find out just what Profit Splitter has to offer you.
The Profit Splitter System does not just pay your Affiliates and JV Partners first!

Breakthrough Technology now allows the Profit Splitter System to be fully integrated with:

Offer Three Commisison Levels.

Free, Pro and JV Partner.

Subscription Module.

Now you can offer Split Payments for your Membership Site.

Payment Plan Module.

Now you can offer an Easy Payment Plan option.

Plus The Profit Splitter System

Fully Automates the selling of your
Product(s) and or Service(s).

An Affiliate Program is a must have tool in order to capitalize on the Power Of Duplication.

Unless you have an army of Affiliates promoting your Products you will never have enough Free Time to devote to Living a Lifestyle instead of working to just Manage a Lifestyle.

As J. Paul Getty, the Master of Duplication once said...

"I'd rather be paid 1% of 100 peoples efforts than 100% of my own."

This is so very true of creating any Income Online.

If your life depended on only you doing everything and you were sick for 7 days, your source or sources of income would dry up.

Where as if 20 people of the 100 got sick and could not perform...

... Then at least you would still receive an income from the other 80 healthy people.

Fully Automates the Split Payment process to
Your JV Partners and Affiliates on a First Paid Basis.

The most amazing thing will happen for you, just like it did for us!

We saw an immediate 352.65% increase in sales and a 38% increase in active Affiliates, as soon as we introduced First Paid to our Affiliates.

Why, you ask?

Immediate gratification stirs the blood and gets us promoting even more so we can earn even more.

As a well known and respected marketer once said to me...

"There's nothing like immediate gratification for selling a product.
I'd rather see all those "You Have Money Waiting" emails.
Than to check an Affiliate Program and see I have to
wait another 3 weeks for $1,500 dollars."

"Now don't get me wrong. Nothing at all wrong in promoting those other Affiliate programs that pay you on a weekly or monthly basis."

"I can spend that money just as easily, ... But I do love being able to spend what I make now as well." ...Mike Filsaime.

Fully Automates the setting up of
an Affiliate Account. Free, Pro or JV Partner.

Profit Splitter allows you to have up to three different Affiliate Levels.

Free, Pro and JV Partner.

Just as easily you might decide that you only want to have a JV Partner Membership level.

All you do there is just don't create the Free or Pro Memberhip registration page.

You can also decide whether the joining member has to purchase your product package before being able to register as a JV Partner to earn the higher commission payout.

Profit Splitter also allows you to set seperate commission payouts for your three levels of memberships.

For instance you could set the Free Member to 15%, the Pro Member to 45% and the JV Partner to 65%.

You set whatever percentage you want to payout.

Fully Automates the setting up of
Your Single Product Payment Button.

Once you have entered your product information with the selling price and the percentage payouts, the script Automatically Generates the Payment Buttons.

One for your Affiliate First with the correct amount payable and then Automatically Generates the Payment Button for you as Admin to receive the balance payable.

Fully Automates the setting up of
Your Single Product Payment Button
with a Payment Plan Option.

This option is done exactly as above with the addition that you can now offer a Payment Plan.

For instance if your product was selling for $197.00 you could offer a payment plan over 3 months to make it more accessible to some folks on a budget.

You can set the Payment Options for anything from 2 to 12 installments.

Fully Automates the setting up of
Your Membership Site with three Subscription Options.

Why should you be limited to offering a Split Payment to your Affiliates on Single Products.

Now you can harness the awesome power of offering immediate gratification to your Affiliates for your Membership Site.

The Subscription Options can be set up for monthly subscriptions, quarterly subscriptions and even bi-yearly subscriptions, [every 6 months], for access.

The unique benefit of this script is that it allows you to set up a monthly, quarterly and bi-yearly subscription all at the same time for access.

The way you would use this awesome feature is to offer a discounted price for the quarterly or bi-yearly subcription for paying in advance.

For instance you could have your monthly set as $7.00, the quarterly set as $18.90 and the bi-yearly as $33.60. [bi-yearly is every 6 months.]

Now to break those down to a monthly comparision the quarterly works out to be a savings of 10% at $6.30 per month and the bi-yearly works out to be a savings of 20% at $5.60 per month.

Why would you offer these options?

Increases immediate income and spreads your expected income over various stages of the year and it also allows your members an opportunity to save on their subscription fee's.

A totally win-win situation for all.

Fully Automates the recording of
all Sales Transactions.

Most affiliate programs make it very hard to view past sales for any given time period and see what is the most popular product being purchased.

This is vital information in order to monetize your customers and offer them related products either in creating them or through your own affiliate links.

All sales are immediately recorded from the IPN supplied when the successful sale is processed through Paypal.

In your Admin area you can view all sales at once or search for a single sale by date or customer email.

Side note: ===
The IPN's will also send you emails for refunds and possible hack attacks.
===end side note.

Fully Automates the delivery of the
Download Link after purchase.

There is nothing more frustrating for you as the owner and more so as a customer...

Having to wait for Admin approval of a download.

Many many refund requests and charge backs are caused by owners simply not offering immediate download after a purchase.

Worse still is getting a message saying...

"Thank you for your purchase. You will be emailed as soon as Admin has verfied your payment. This may take upto 24-48hrs."

That is business suicide and will turn more potential customers away before they even get to your site.

As your customers will tell others of the slack service.

Profit Splitter ensures immediate access after a successful sale only.

That means as long as the sale was made through Paypal and not a hack attack on your scripts. Access will be granted immediately.

Now you can decide for yourself whether you give them access through an unprotected download page or get your customers to set up a secure Download Manager area.

The advantage of getting your customers to create a Secure Download Area is they can also view their past order history and request access to a previous purchase if they should need it.

And just as importantly you can control who has access to download your products, thus stopping un-authorized access to a members area.

Benefits at a Glance.

  • The Profit Splitter System is a Fully Automated Affiliate Program.

    Now you can have a Multi-Member Affiliate program written in Php and uses a Mysql database.

    You could name the membership levels anything you like. By default we have named them: Free, Pro and Platinum.

    Or you could use the script for JV Partners Only.

    Or you could offer Pro and Jv Partners.

    The choice is yours.

  • The Profit Splitter System has three Commission Payment Options.

    You have full control over what percentage you set your commission rates for each Membership Level.

    The scripts do all the math automatically for you and generates the order/payment buttons with the correct amount to be paid.

    YES, the Split Pay is automatically calculated to pay each Affiliate according to their membership levels and the balance is also automatically calculated to pay You as the Admin.

    Just set the percentage and forget it.

    You have total peace of mind knowing that you don't have to stress out working the percentages and updating pages manually.

  • The Profit Splitter System is the FIRST to cater for Membership Sites.

    As an owner of a Membership Site you now have the latest technology running your Fully Automated Affiliate Program with Three Commission Payment Options.

    Now you can offer Three Subscription Options and have all the math, percentages, and subscripition buttons generated completely on Auto Pilot.

    You would normally need 2 or 3 seperate scripts just to do the same or pay a programmer thousands of dollars to development something similar.

    BUT Wait It Gets Even Better!

  • The Profit Splitter System has a built in Payment Plan Option.

    It's one thing to make sure your Affiliates get paid First...

    BUT what about your customers and potential customers who are on tighter budgets and just can not afford the $297.00 in one lump payment.

    The good news is you can now start promoting higher ticket items and services to your existing and potential customers by offering them a Payment Plan Option, as well as the normal full price option.

    Just imagine the increased sales you will get by offering a Payment Plan.

    Take a look at the following scenerio:

    Your product package is $297.00.

    You set up your copy of the Profit Splitter System for the full price and with a 3 installment payment option.

    Customer A, elects to pay the full price, so your JV Partner gets paid $148.50 first and then you get paid the balance of $148.50.

    Customer B, decides that the Payment Option suits his budget better and he doesn't want to miss out on your xtreme widget.

    Your customer now sets up a subscription with your JV Partner, so he gets paid $49.50 immediately and will receive another $49.50 next month and the month after.

    To complete the Payment Option payments your customer also sets up a subscription with you. Now you get paid $49.50 immediately and will recieve another $49.50 next month and the month after.

    The subscripitions automatically cancel after the 3 payments have been made. [sooner if your client cancels them.]

    Are you conciously doing the budgeting for your customers?

    Wrong thinking. If you do the budgeting for your customers you will never enjoy the sheer excitement of getting payments for $497, $997 and yes even $1,997.00 dollar packages.

    Now you can promote any priced package you own without the worry as you can set the Payment Plan Options from as low as two installments upto twelve.

    Let's have a quick look at a package being sold for $1,997.00 with a 6 installament Payment Option.

    Customer B would now be setting up payments for the next 6 months to you and your JV Partner. Starting immediately with a payment of $166.42 to both of you.

    [Infact you can set the number to anything you like. from 2 to ???]

    Let me ask you this one question.

    How many more customers do you think
    could now afford your package of
    $1,997.00 knowing they could pay it off...
    ...At $332.84 a month over 6 installments?

    Editor Note: The 6 installments is actually 6 payments. First One is immediate and the other 5 are set up as monthly subscriptions.---End Editor Note.

  • The Profit Splitter System comes with the amazing Possessions Defender System.

    Now you can finally rest easy with the knowledge your downloads are finally fully protected from those members who feel it's their right to pass on their login to all their family and friends.

    Costing you thousands in lost revenue.

    The script has been thoroughly tested for over 12 months now and we have seen the number of attempts by members to share their login to protected products has almost dried up.

    What we have found, just like you, it doesn't matter now who shares their members information. When you can limit the number of downloads to 2, like we do.

    That's it after 2 successful or attempts to download the script denies any further access. You can set the number to anything you like in Admin.

    However we do suggest very strongly to leave it as 2.

    With The Profit Splitter System now has included as part of the overall System, the "Award Winning" Possessions Defender Script.

    You will also find that besides securing your members download area. Possessions Defender does not reveal the download url.

    And it gets better.

    Most download scripts of this nature work on the next number being the download url, so it makes it really easy to get your products.

    If you received http://whatever.com/d/pr.php?file=1. Then by changing the number to ?file=2 I've gotten your product. And I'll keep going until there are no more numbers allocated.

    Now some scripts have been written to get around this by asking the user to make up a short file name.

    Again a security hazard as most people will just use the intials or a shortened title of the product name.

    Not hard to get your products after a little careful reading.

    So what makes Possessions Defender such a tough nut to crack.

    A special algorithm that generates all file extensions randomly. As an extra deterrent, if someone wants more than the allocated 2 downloads they can pay for them, [unless it is a real legitimate reason].

    Are they likely to share their member login details knowing they only get 2 downloads? I think not.

    Last but not least the Possessions Defender System also allows you:

    1. To add an unlimited number of products or product packages to the database.

    2. Search the Members Database.

    3. Search the History of all products purchased.

    4. When it was purchased.

    5. When it was last downloaded.

    6. What IP was used to download.

    7. Create an Unlimited number of download url's.

    8. The ability to offer a free product to all members.

    9. The ability to add a free product to a single members account.

    10. The ability to add a paid product FREE to a single members account

    11. Admin can suspend a Members Access

    12. Admin can delete a Members Account

    13. You could even charge an Upgrade fee as a once only or monthly subscription and offer everyone that upgrades a Free Monthly product.

    OK, What's it all going to cost me to get
    my hands on the "Profit Splitter System" including
    the "Possessions Defender System Module"?

    Remember when I said you can Pay Your Affiliates First. Well you are only one click away from achieving that goal!

    We should be releasing the "Profit Splitter System" for $ $127 based on all the other High Quality Software Solutions available.

    And that's without the "Possessions Defender System"

    The Possessions Defender System will be released shortly for $67 as a standalone product.

    However I have decided that I want as many people as possible to be able to afford to Cash In On Creating Hungry Affiliates By Paying Them First and having secure Download Area's.

    These two awesome modules that make up the Profit Splitter System would normally cost you $164 ...

    But I have decided on an...

    Introductory Special
    Limited Offer of
    Master Resale Rights Included!
    You will also get a copy of this SalesLetter and Thankyou Download Page!

    Please note that this purchase is a tax deductable business expense.

You will also Get Master Resale Rights to
"Possessions Defender"
You can use "Possessions Defender" on other websites too when you have the Stand Alone Product! That is why I am including it here!
Sales Page and Thankyou Download Page Included!

"Now You Can Effectively Stop Any Illegal Downloads Of Your
Product(s) And Abuse Of Your Members Area!"

Possessions Defender not only secures your members area, limits the available number of downloads to a pre-set number...

It does not reveal the download url.

"...Simply Protecting Your Download Url Will Increase Your Profits By A Massive 326%...
No-One Will Ever Know The Actual Download URL."


Why such a low price?

I am only going to offer 100 copies starting at this ridiculous price.

So if I were you, I'd stop reading and get to the order page real quick to save yourself the extra money.

And I may even remove the "Possessions Defender System" from this system package at any time.

So you really need to get both now while you can.

I am confident that you will be so thrilled with the combo "Profit Splitter System" and "Possessions Defender System" that I am offering you the chance to try it out risk free for a full 30 days!

If at any point you decide its not for you, simply contact me for a speedy 100% refund! No questions asked!

So go ahead! Secure your order immediately...

Yes , I want to start immediately Paying my Affiliates First and protect my Download Links.

I understand I will be able to create three membership levels, three subscripition options and have the script do all the math for me.

I'd have to be insane to miss out on these awesome systems. And I know I'll pay only $164 $37.00 for the whole Profit Splitter System + Possessions Defender System.

Plus I feel safe in knowing I will be covered by your 100% money-back guarantee.

Time is really not on your side if you want to get your hands on this breakthrough technology.

To Your Increase in Active Affiliates and Profits.

David Zohar

Contact Me

PS. If you are really serious about Paying your Affiliates First, then don't waste another moment.

Order right now before it's too late.