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Tuesday 11:06 AM

Dear Friend,

If you've made it to this web page, I want to congratulate you because it contains a traffic secret that only a select few now about,, and one that is so simple to put into olace yet so viral that it will blow your mind!

What I'm talking about is Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing of course... but in a total NICHE sort of way....

Sites that might come to mind right away when talking about Web 2.0 and social networking are MySpace.com, FaceBook.com and Friendster.com.

As You're Probably Aware, There Has
Been A Lot of Buzz And Products Coming
Out About Creating Social Sites This To
Generate Traffic, And Loads Of It At That!

Here's the good news...

I'm NOT going to show you how to use some other company's Web 2.0 website like most of the other marketing gurus are doing to generate leads.

We both know that trying to get sites like those mentioned above to produce any real traffic to your website is nearly impossible with the level of competition that's out there.

Not to mention, even IF you do end up generating any amount of traffic, you're going to come to the harsh reality that little to none of those visitors will actually make that coveted "purchase" at your website.

So what's the solution to capitalizing on the Web 2.0 & Social Media Marketing craze without fighting with tens of thousands of others?


Become The Mogul Web 2.0 Site Owner
Yourself & Direct All That Traffic At Your
Command Anywhere You Want!

I realize that when you think of owning a site along the lines of a MySpace.com or a FaceBook.com you probably get a little intimidated.

Okay, truth is, you probably get A LOT intimidated.

Don't worry, I'm with you and those were my exact feelings when I started trying to find a better way to utilize Web 2.0 for traffic.

I want you to imagine just for a second what it would be like to own a "NICHE" social networking site that had thousands of active visitors.

Do you think that you could find a way to advertise to them, communicate with them and make money from them?

You bet you could!

Also notice that I said "NICHE" social networking site.  I want you to really process that because it's highly important.

How much traffic do you think you could make from your chosen niche OR NICHES if you could setup a social MySpace.com style site specifically for that niche?

I think we both know the answer to that is "a ton of high quality traffic".

Check out the 1st site setup with Social Niche Builder, it is quickly becoming the biggest
and the best social networking for site for

Wine Lovers & Wine Connoisseurs

www.My-Wine-Space.com was setup in just a matter of about 2 hours when we 1st launched it and it is now enjoying viral growth!

Now, the biggest thing you probably have running through your head is this....

"I'm not a programmer, I don't have a million dollars to hire one to create a social network for me and I am not a computer science genius so how the heck can I start a MySpace.com style website?"

That's a very good question and the answer is...

You CAN Create UNLIMITED Niche Social
Networking Sites & Generate UNLIMITED
Traffic Using This Pre-Made, Snap In
Place Social Networking System...

Social Niche Builder Allows You To Create A Web 2.0/Social Networking Site For Any Niche You Want!

Plug N Play - This system is the easiest road to creating your own highly trafficked and highly active social networking site around your niche.  Just plug it in and you're ready to go!

Robust Features -   Even though the system was designed for complete simplicity of use, don't let that fool you!  This thing is packed with hundreds of easily usable features you get access to as the site owner and administrator of the system!

Secure & Stable - We all know that it doesn't matter how "revolutionary" a new system or piece of software is if it doesn't run properly.  That's why we've designed the Social Niche Builder software to be so super stable and secure that it will never break or go "out of order" with its PHP/AJAX/MySQL Platform!

Web 2.0 Revolutionary -  As you are going to see when you start using the system, there are tons of proprietary & extremely cutting edge technology in YOUR new system.  Your site will be "pretty" and easy to use to attract maximum visitors, signups and active members, guaranteed!

This is just a sampling of the incredible benefits you get from using Social Niche Builder. Only Social Niche Builder has the stuff you need to boost your business profits into hyper dive!

Now, you can find all sorts of books, articles, and how to guides out there that claim to teach you how to get traffic from Web 2.0 sites. Some of them even have a few ideas that could work in some circumstances (if you're paying a team of expensive outsourcers). But NONE of them give you the power to instantly start following up with existing customers for more profit like Social Niche Builder does!

Can you imagine making double or triple the amount of money you currently do for your product or service with no additional customers?

Do you want to be able to call yourself a successful business owner with these increased profits?

Think what it could do for your business if you owned the marketing on the Social Networking Site for Golfers Or Harley Davidson Riders!

I just had to drop you a line and thank you for this life changing system..

Social Niche Builder gave me BACK that power to generate traffic that I used to have.

Tatiana, San Francisco, California
Satisfied Customer

Can Someone Like Me Really
Be The Next Mogul Social Networking Site Owner?

You Better Believe It!...

You see, most courses or products our there make it sound complicated and difficult to create traffic via Web 2.0 technology, but the truth is, it's not complicated or difficult at all...IF, and that's a big IF, you have Social Niche Builder to let you become the site owner yourself!

In fact, if you know the simple steps necessary to just plug Social Niche Builder into your business, it is downright easy to do.

Let me be very clear about this - you won't make huge profits by simply having a website. You will have to use Social Niche Builder to create a highly trafficked website, but I can promise you it's amazingly effective.

Can you imagine how great it will feel to start seeing substantial boosts in sales? What else do you dream about doing with all of the money you'll make?

Don't waste another moment, you can get started on your new life right away.

What Can I Expect When I Get Social Niche Builder?

Just take a look at a few more benefits you get from using Social Niche Builder yourself...

Same Day Startup - Social Niche Builder is so easy to use that you are guaranteed to be up and running the same day that you get the software.  Download it, install it on on your website and you're ready to go!

Programming Free Setup & Operation! - Once you're setup, just use the point and click interface for managing & customizing your site.  That's all that's required to get your site looking professional while adding your personal touches.

High Traffic Technology -
The entire Social Niche Builder system was designed so that you have maximum chance of getting tons of traffic from the search engines.  All of the search engine optimization you usually have to pay for is automatically handled by the system internally so you never have to worry about it.  Talk about a time saver!


My traffic was at an all time low because I couldn't compete with all the people trying to exploit other social media sites for traffic.

Now I OWN the social media site and get tons of traffic from it all day long without ANY competition!

Thank you so much for making this available to the world.

Frank Thomas, Billings, Montana
Satisfied Customer

www.My-Wine-Space.com was created in in about 2 hours using Social Niche builder, we are now planning these to launch soon...

*The Pontiac GTO Space (GTO Fanatics Club)
*My Taxis Back Seat (Social site for Taxi Drivers)
*My Koi Space (Social Site For Koi Keepers)
*Dance Competition Moms Space
*The Car Salesmans Space
*Chriopractors Space
*Broadway Stage Actors Space

I could go on and on all day. My point is that there are a lot of small or big Niche spaces that could do very well if they were extremely focused.

If you launch 20 of these sites over the next year it only takes one of them to really take off and you could be looking at an early retirement and or buyout offer.

Are there other My-Space style site scripts out there you can use? YES but do any of them come with PLR & also un-encrypted source code so you can do what you want with your new site?

I'm sure you can see the power of Social Niche Builder.  Are you ready to finally take control of your financial destiny and get your online business really rolling?

The invaluable power in Social Niche Builder is so extensive, powerful and revealing, but still easy to use, that you are going to be totally pumped about wanting start applying this system in your business immediately!

Everything you need is laid out clearly so that even a total newbie can leverage the booming Web 2.0 marketing trend.

You deserve to have all the success, sales and customers that you could ever dream of.

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You're probably worried that Social Niche Builder will cost you a huge amount of money....but you have nothing to worry about. 

As you know, I always strive to provide extreme value in every offer that I put together and this time is no different.

While this software could easily be sold as a $197 (or more) software package which you see online everyday, I'm not going to go that route.

In fact, if you are decisive and take action today you are going to get Social Niche Builder for the incredibly cheap price of just $17.

Now doesn't that sound fair?

Your Satisfaction Is
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Let Me Protect Your Investment...

I have no doubt that if you just grab your copy of Social Niche Builder and put it to use, you will see a huge upward shift in your online profits.

But I also want you to know that you AND your investment are safe.

So here's what I'm going to do for you...

After you download your copy of Social Niche Builder, open it up and use it.  You don't have to quit your job or lose your social life with effort either.

If it doesn't work for you after 60 days, let me know because I want to put your money back in your bank account.

I believe in giving people what they paid for so if you don't honestly feel that you could write me an honestly glowing testimonial after 30 days, I want to give back your money.

And frankly, I'm a stand up person, if you just didn't have time to put it to use, tell me and I'll gladly issue you a refund.

Could I possibly be any more accommodating?

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You don't have to suffer that horrible feeling anymore!

With Social Niche Builder you will finally be able to generate a REAL income online without all of the fluff, clutter, confusion and lies!  No course needed!

Just use Social Niche Builder and you're golden!

Even if you feel a bit "on the fence", think about the guarantee that I am providing you above.  No one is willing to put their neck (and money) on the line like I am (and I'm doing it just for your protection).

Why is that?

Because I am 100% sure that once you use Social Niche Builder the first time, you will be convinced and extremely happy with the results (and profits).

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