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Let me ask you a question ...

Do you have a members private site, or thinking about setting one up?

If the answer's Yes, let me ask you a second question ...

Are you shocked at some of the prices "Member Site Management" software and service companies are charging?

It's daylight robbery.

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Now, of course in that $0.00, I'm not counting your costs for web hosting, buying domain names, or any of the other regular costs that keep your online business ticking.

I'm here to show you how to quickly, easily, and for FREE add private member areas to your sites that are easy to manage, easy to run, AND - are very secure.

Now, I'll be right up front with you - this information comes in a hefty 12 chapter eBook. And this eBook is not free (it is incredibly affordable though as you'll see).

However, all the information inside it can be successfully used at absolutely no extra cost to you.

This information comes from the dozens of hours of my research and the hundreds (if not thousands) of hours I've spent running and managing my own membership site.

This is hard hitting, immediately usable, little seen information.

And - you even get secret code (I've never shared this before) that will make your membership site a LOT more secure.

I paid a programmer a handsome sum to work with me to solve this issue. You get it at absolutely no extra cost as part of this product.


Short On Time, Or Time To Burn?

If you have weeks of spare time to do research and are prepared for a LOT of trial and error, then this eBook isn't for you.

If you've got time to burn and are happy to make a ton of mistakes, then you may want to have a go setting up your own private site yourself without this eBook and see how things work out. However, if you:

  • Want to set up a secure members area for free.

  • Want to hit the ground running with your site - and pull in profits fast.

  • Want answers and solutions NOW.

  • Want in depth information so you have weeks of exhaustive research conveniently packaged for you.

  • Want tips and tricks that are not available on the internet anywhere else.

Then this product is for you.

Highlights From 12 Huge Chapters

Here's what you get in this hefty eBook (it takes half an hour to download on a dial up connection - it's that chock full):

  • 503 unique graphics that show you every single mouse movement and click so there's absolutely no question left in your mind about what you need to do.

  • 91 pages that cover everything in huge detail.

The following list only just touches the surface, but here's some highlights from the 12 chapters in this eBook:

  • How to choose the best style of log in box for your site. (Chapter 1)

  • Discover the incredible site where you can find almost any type of script you want - for FREE. (Chapter 1)

  • Discover the four types of hugely profitable membership site. These are Instant Business Plans for you! (Chapter 2)

  • How trial memberships can damage your business. (Chapter 2)

  • The proven way to profit with a free site. (Chapter 2)

  • How to get new members WITHOUT a sales letter. (Chapter 2)

  • How giving away a lifetime membership can make you a pile of cash. (Chapter 2)

  • How to set up a secure members area in two minutes (or less). (Chapter 3)

  • Discover the most proven and powerful FREE membership site software available. (Chapter 4)

  • Quick and easy instructions for installing this powerful script on your server ... even if you don't consider yourself the least bit technical! (Chapter 5)

  • What you must do as soon as this script is installed on your server -- you won't find this in the documentation for the script, but if you don't do this you could be in real trouble! (Chapter 6)

  • Discover how fake membership accounts are automatically prevented from appearing in your database. Clever stuff. (Chapter 7)

  • How to quickly cut your member support load in half. (Chapter 7)

  • How to email all your members easily without paying for any mailing software, and staying in line with CAN-SPAM every step of the way. (Chapter 8)

  • A simple way to keep a close eye on your members including how they're visiting your site, how they're browsing through your site, what browser they're using, and even who's sharing passwords! (Chapter 9)

  • How one line of code can make your members area MUCH more secure from online thieves. You won't find this tactic detailed anywhere else! (Chapter 11)

  • How to make ALL of your site 100% automated. (Chapter 12)


For PC's Only - Not For Mac

I must tell you that this eBook only works (to my knowledge) on PC's. If your computer is running Microsoft Windows, you won't have any trouble at all viewing this eBook successfully.

However, if you're on a Mac you'll more than likely have trouble viewing it.


A Great Product + Resale Rights = BIG Profits For YOU

I'm sure you know there's a ton of eBook resale rights around these days. BUT - if you really want to make money selling an eBook you have rights to, you need:

  • A very high quality product.

  • An effective sales letter.

  • A professionally designed website with great looking graphics.